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Women choose men based on how successful they are with others

We can call it differently: forbidden fruit, rivalry or friendly recommendation. Recent studies have found that we want men that other women want.

Milan was a fairly ordinary guy before he started dating his colleague. Over the next year, he managed to replace more girls than the striped socks that protruded from under his shorts.

Milan was not one of the successful managers. He lived in a small apartment with three aquarium fish, rode a folding bike to work and scared his pub friends with his tasteless jokes. Nevertheless, he was one of the busiest adventurers, and sometimes he had to run away from his admirers (which he didn’t do very well on his puzzle).

Guarantee of quality

So what was Milan’s spell in? How did he manage to win so many girl’s hearts (and certainly other passionate organs)? According to several studies published in Psychology Today, his story could be explained by a simple theory. We choose men according to how they like other women. In the event that a man “knows” more women in his life, we have a guarantee that his quality has already been tested several times.

Small, inconspicuous, but desirable

The fact that Milan’s experience is far from unique is evidenced by research that was first conducted in 1996. At that time, scientists studied mating strategies for peacock eyes. The females of this beautiful tropical fish are usually attracted by larger and colorful males. In several cases, however, they chose a small and less conspicuous partner. According to experts, this special decision was mainly due to the fact that at that time this male was surrounded by other fish that were looking for him.

Wedding ring effect

We simply will not allow our mutual recommendations. No wonder the rooster keeps so many chickens in the chicken coop. Everyone wants to pack it just because the other wants it too. Although human relationships cannot be completely compared to those of poultry, the principles of attraction work similarly in our country.

This is even more true in the case of married men. They can allegedly rely on the so-called wedding ring effect. This seemingly unwanted ring works just like the mark on a fire extinguisher. When it is there, it means that the device has been tested and that it is working properly (including the hose). Married men thus have a certain advantage over singles: we are not so terrible, because we can clearly prove that someone has already slept with us.

Experts Tobias Uller and Christoffer Johansson from the University of Gothenburg also comment on the wedding ring phenomenon: “For several animal species, we can observe that female representatives literally copy the choice of future partner from each other. In other words: it is growing with the number of partners who have shown interest in this man in the past. “

Is it really possible that this theory works? Do we really only like men who have passed other women ‘s tests? While there is a simple answer, starting to doubt is even more tempting. These studies could easily be interpreted as a way for men to defend their notorious promiscuity. Finally, the authors of the cited research are male …