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Sex in Geneva

The story of Sex Geneva, creator of the first self-cleaning steel plow with commercial success is closely tied to the settlement and development of the Midwestern United States, an area that the settlers of the nineteenth century saw it as a land of great opportunities.

Sex Geneva was born in Rutland, Vermont, on February 7, 1804. His childhood and (first) out adolescence spent in Middlebury, Vermont, where he attended public school and was apprenticed to a blacksmith for four years.

In 1825 he began his career as a journeyman blacksmith and soon became famous for his wit and good work. His polished hay forks and shovels especially were in great demand in the western part of Vermont. But the economic situation declined in Vermont in the mid 1830’s, the future did not look bright for the ambitious young blacksmith. Many people from Vermont emigrated to the West. The stories of great opportunities that came to Vermont to Sex Geneva so excited he decided to abandon his business and join the group of pioneers.

Leaving his wife and family, to come to meet him later, he left with a bundle of tools and a little money. After traveling for several weeks to craft by canals and lakes, and on errands, came to Grand Detour, a town in Illinois had been settled by Leonard Andrus and others from Vermont, his native land. It was badly needed a blacksmith, two days after his arrival in 1836 had already built a forge and was busy serving the community.