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After wearing her sneakers all day, she has them nice and ripe and she is going to enjoy the hell put of making Ninja sniff them. When he asks to hang out they tell him he can on only one provision - he licks and cleans their sweaty feet right out of their sneakers. The sweaty aroma hits his nose and keeps in his a trance.

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The more she humiliates you the smaller you get. By Vanessa Allen for the Daily Mail.

She finally milks you to an massive cumshot, spraying milky white cum all over her soles, she grins again as she hangs up her call. Foot Gagging, Foot Worship, and Bondage. Footfetsih milf gagging on throbbing cock. She's going to be nice and let you explore her entire body.

Taking turns with some extended facestands as the other one stomps his junk with glee. She peers down at you on her bed and wonders why you wanted this fantasy to come true. Your hot friend Luna is on the phone with her husband who's on a business trip when you enter the room. He has no idea he's being cucked as he talks to his wife. They have their human carpet laid out, dressed in their sexy bikinis, the smash him flat into the floor.

This clip lost a few small scenes to corrupt data so we have it at a special discount price. Reagan is in the mood to completely crush her sub under her perfect barefoot. You are her last bite as she slowly scoops you up and drops you in her mouth.

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Employment lawyers said gagging clauses had become common for senior executives. To finish you she drops you into her eye where you will shrink forever in her body.

Employment lawyers said gagging clausesBut these evil bratsThe more she humiliates

She starts you at her feet and let's you slowly climb all over her, getting into her panties and bra. She asks him if he likes feet as she grips her stinky toes over his nose.

She places you on her foot stool and orders you to worship her pantyhose covered soles. But these evil brats have a plan for him. Her stomps are hard and she stands on his face as if it's nothing.

By Vanessa Allen for the