On the Morality of Dueling

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Another system involved alternate shots being taken, beginning with the challenged firing first. In Poland duels have been known since the Middle Ages.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In early cases, the defeated party was then executed. On occasion, duels with pistols or swords were fought between women. Such inferiority had to be immediately obvious, however.

The battle was fought as a result of a slight or challenge to one party's honor which could not be resolved by a court. With no law against bolo fights, Umali was charged for a petty crime. If a lady passed unescorted, she would leave behind a glove or scarf, to be rescued and returned to her by a future knight who passed that way.

From Wikipedia theOn occasion duels with pistols orAnother system involvedIn Poland duels

From Spartacus to Spitfires. The pistols were fitted with a shield that protected the firing hand. Judicial combat took two forms in medieval society, the feat of arms and chivalric combat. Duels were either first-blood, submission, or to the last man standing. Duels in France in this period, while still taken seriously as a matter of honor, were not fought to the death.

In early cases the defeated