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In my time the mill was producing organic fibres as used in the plastics, linoleum, and explosives industries. Sir Thomas Honeywood, a member of the county committee, seized the weapons in the county magazine at Braintree. The civilians of Colchester were mostly Parliamentarian sympathisers but Fairfax refused to make any concessions to alleviate their suffering. The musketeer would grab a cartridge from the box, then bite down on the ball and tear the cartridge open.

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Finally the Swedes under Gustavus Adolphus used salvo fire very effectively. Ireton and Fairfax justified the severity of the sentence on the grounds that Lucas and Lisle had caused unnecessary bloodshed by attempting to defend an untenable position. The flintlock decreased the reload time, but was more expensive than the matchlock mechanism. Musket balls Musket balls are manufactured by pouring molten lead or another alloy into a two part single or a multiple cavity mould.

Colonel Farre managed to escape and Sir Bernard Gascoigne was reprieved because he was a foreign national, but the execution of Lucas and Lisle went ahead. They were calculated to deter others from taking up arms against Parliament and to set a precedent for the execution of Parliament's enemies. They were fired during the Battle of Aughrim, Co. The musketeer then fired his weapon as before.

This is usually clipped off close to the surface of the ball, If you excavate a musket ball that is round, has a mold seam and a casting sprue then it was probably dropped and not fired. Lead shot assemblage from the attack on Castledonovan Castle, Co. Lead shot recovered from the Battlefield of Aughrim, Co. In some cases the musketeer did not need a musket rest.

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Transportation methods can erase this line by rubbing together in transit. The shooter would aim his weapon. In this castle was attacked by Parliamentarian troops. It is probable that some of the bullets were made in the same mould.