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Dating divas amazing race

It actually took the guys quite

It actually took the guys quite a while to accomplish those tasks. Some of the guys struggled with this one. Credit here properly belongs to those who inspired me. Your first task in this race, is to take a picture of your face.

Some of the guys struggled with

Take a shoebox and cut a round hole in the lid just big enough to allow a ping box to shake out if you are shaking the box. They must look at the example and construct their own as best they can. Ideally, you want teams to spend minutes in the hunt.

You may begin the race at the sound of the whistle. We were thinking some kind of manual labor, but her husband had just returned from a hunt, and they decided to make them eat javalina tongue, instead. Conveniently, our friends have a name that rhymes with Valentines.

We were at their house this whole time cooking dinner and setting things up. Now attach a long piece of fabric to each side that will let you tie the box around your waist like a belt. That kind of response is incrediblygratifying to us, whether or not you agreed with what we wrote, becausewe relish our ongoing conversation with you.

Welcome to the Amazing Race-Valentine Edition. We took pictures while we waited.

As winners of the amazing Valentines Race, You each get the grand prize, A dream date with your lovely, adoring, beautiful, smart, sexy, talented wives. The finish line, and your fabulous prize Are waiting at a place familiar to your eyes. We had provided her with Scrapbook paper and supplies, as well as the next clue for when they had completed their task. You were each brought here by your lovely, adoring, beautiful, smart, sexy, and talented wives. You are the first team to arrive.

The clue was in the refrigerator. We had taped this clue on one of the top bleachers, I believe. After a few failed attempts at getting real flowers, my crafty husband taught all of the guys how to make roses out of paper napkins, so they each showed up with a lovely bouquet of paper roses. And he gave them the key to his mailbox and this clue. Same for Annie Barrett on The O.