Changmin and victoria dating allkpop forums

Changmin and victoria dating allkpop forums

Due to this, many fans believed that the two may be dating. During a game, the guests had to fill in the blank for a sentence. He's going to be in a police unit though so not sure how that works exactly. Some pictures also looked as if the two were holding hands, making fans very suspicious as well. Changmin, who was a guest that day, answered the question correctly.

Feel free to add pictures and other videos I could just spend a whole day fangirling over Kyutoria interactions. And she's not going to accept less than her match in intelligence. More than we even see because she knows it clashes with her entertainer image and tones it down. She picked Shim Jaewon as first, who happens to be one of Changmin's closest friends.

Enjoy the music while you're at it Share this post. She's a smart, independent girl before anything.

Also, some other characteristics that he has mentioned before, are long legs, big eyes, nice forehead, older than him, and a good cook. Some of the first photos to pop up were the same cell phone accessory charms they had on their phones. They're quick and clever but also deep thinkers and aware about the world. Both the type to write an essay over something that can be said in a sentence.

Still many internet

They both have a sensitivity and perceptiveness most people don't. Still, many internet users could not let this issue go as they searched the web for clues and evidence to prove that the two had something together.

Other pictures also revealed the two standing next to each other during a broadcast, showing their closeness. This speculated that maybe Changmin had bought her the clothes as a present. Well, they're all characteristics that Victoria has. He doesn't really match her ideal type and she's barely ever mentioned him or looked his way.

They both have a sensitivity

So below are some of my favorite Kyutoria videos. Even the way they talk is so similar - soft, precise and measured. Many fans are wondering if them being called mom and dad by the group may have some connection to them dating. Some pictures of Changmin holding a clothing store bag at the airport was seen as well. Later, another picture of Victoria wearing clothes from that brand was seen.

Many other pictures were also revealed of the two having the same back packs and shoes. The sentence was about f x and how member Sulli could not sleep because of something Victoria did. Maybe because they both grew up with teachers as parents, that love of learning is there. Well, most people are certain that she has dated Changmin before and I believe it too.