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This bright color would look good during the summer, along with the other bright hues in this collection. Bling It On is described as with gold shimmering particles that will leave your nails feeling bedazzled. Luck of the Leprechaun is my absolute favorite in the entire Glitter for Nails collection.

The range of Cracked Finish nail polishes is extensive and there are some brilliant colours that will stand out in the crowd. Let this manicure show off your confidence and make you feel sexy. This can be a popular choice when attending a formal event. It's a subject I can talk about endlessly.

Some of the lighter crackle coats will just need some thought to create the right combination and the possibilities are endless. It is quite easy to do actually. It also includes a holder to keep the glitter pot in place when you do your nails.

They are not the usual glitters that are available in craft stores. For the meantime, I hope you enjoyed the swatches and have inspired you to at least experience this product for yourself. If Barbie can come alive and paint her nails, she would definitely choose this color without hesitating. So head on in to your nearest stockist and check out the range of Cracked Nail Polishes.

Another head turner in the Glitter for Nails collection. Oh, and it looks great under sunlight. It is texture and glitter at the same time.

The icy blue and purple shimmers are slightly hinted with this manicure. Or choose a crackle coat to complement your existing collection. If you are afraid of wearing black polish but would love to try, you can start with this and I bet you'd develop some fondness to it.

If you are not into wearing rings like myself, why not let your nails wear the gold instead and let them take care of your ensemble. The first thing you need to do is pick your colours because that is going to be the most important factor in your new nail look.

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Another subtle color in the collection is Tiffany Twinkle, simply silver. This is definitely one of my preferred colors.

One coat of this and allow it to completely dry as you watch the cracks appear. This is another personal favorite. First, I thought that the secret of this nail kit is on the glitters.

Paint - Apply the nail polish on your nails. These cosmetic glitters are finer and results to a sandy texture when placed on the nails. Amidst all the make-up surrounding us that day, I couldn't resist not inquiring about their nail polish line.