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Once we got the warehouse wired up with electricity and then lights, we started to drag the shapes around and start putting it together. The car park for the truck was pretty tight actually but the driver was a pro so that always makes the difference. Poor material recommendations by project architects and poor timber supplies can and will have an impact on the final results. Scenes are only as good as the work people put into them.

The car park for the truck

This was all constructed in a modular format so that each item could be easily separated and moved around to make different types of set ups at any time using minimal tools. The weather was really bad during the loading and delivery. So this is where it started. There are many factors that need to be addressed and knowledge of timber to be known in order to get the maximum performance from this great sustainable building material. At the time we lack the funds and time to finish it before we moved it to another location.

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Then the street course, mini ramp and resi ramp shortly followed. We produced it in our workshop weeks prior to deadline.

But for now here are some pics of the process. The wish list from the local scooter riders was to have a jump box and some bowl corner elements.

The morning after these pics were taken this ramp would be pulled apart and unrideable. This has created very poor results that has been giving timber ramps a bad reputation. Everybody take note and get busy around your local towns and cities. This is a great system as it clean, effective and creates minimum obstruction and mess to the client. This Bowl had been in existence under a bridge here for years until the Kommune requested its removal as they wanted to build a recycling centre in its place instead.

Get on it and start your ramp riding home experience now. This place had no park before our arrival so a brand new positive experience was brought to a community. Its always great to see the sardines finally getting crammed into the truck and sent to their new home. Correct ventilation amongst other elements is the key to outdoor timber ramp longevity. Super fun to ride and really opened up a bunch of new lines.

There is talk that bridge no. With that information along with budget restrictions we went for the timeless ramp options. Boost Post Join the revolution of home Ramp-Riding. This is a modular styled construction set up.

Below is the first location it was moved to after its initial breakdown. The old Carlsberg brewery in Copenhagen. In the past timber ramps have been built very poorly by both D. The Kommune did however promise to rebuild a new one across the motorway under Bridge No. It consisted of small banks, fly outs and small ledges etc.