Again the dispute over the islands

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There remains the expectation of how to find a just and sovereign solution to this dispute, which may allow to conclude this confrontation. In a statement, Argentina demanded Britain to report on the alleged presence of a nuclear submarine in a zone free of nuclear weapons, such as the Falklands. Some are the descendants ofthe various whalers who reached the islands during the past two centuries.

It has taken a full forty years to arrive at the conclusion that the war on drugs is bankrupt. Again the dispute over the islands. When we got to that point in the conversation I told the Americans that the repression of drug consumption is condemned to failure.

They are a British possession which remains as autonomous territory. But I must admit that the Secretary listened to me very carefully and intently, giving me the impression that he was, at least tacitly, in agreement with me.

Corruption greases the wheels of the entire mechanism of repression at all levels of government and control and contributes to the failure of the strategy. The decree began escalating diplomatic tension. However, a new constitution made them a British protectorate, separate from the Falklands. Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay, approved a proposal to prevent Falklands flag ships calling at their ports, in solidarity with Buenos Aires. However, a few are of Scandinavian ancestry.

However, Holguin believes it is clear that some countries will bring the subject up. It is known that the presidents of Colombia and Mexico, as well as a number of State Governments in the United States, share points of view that are amenable to the regulation of consumption. Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda. These are issues which directly threaten the national security of the countries of the hemisphere and not just of the United States. Helena have come to work in the islands.

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