Warning Save your work often

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Type in the numbers for each day in the rows below the header. Mouse over the option that says Insert Special Character.

In the case of a calendar, for example, you can make your own document using table settings. Type in the name of the month and format it. With the flexibility that this format provides our developers, we can bring the latest generation of automated publishing solution to market quicker than ever before. You can place it over your image by setting the text to a size and color that is visible over the image. Warning Save your work often.

Things Needed Image file for your calendar Tips Use a high-resolution image that can be displayed in a large size without displaying pixels. Change fonts, alignments and text colors until you are satisfied with the look of the calendar. Again, choose fonts, sizes and alignments until you achieve the desired look. For a more traditional calendar, center it above the table.

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Now you can follow all the steps from the first section. Hopefully this tutorial passed on to you something that you will use many times over. Experiment with different colors for the cell borders, texts and box filling for an attractive calendar. Enter five rows to accommodate the days in a month and one header row for typing out the days of the week. Set up a new paragraph style with the formatting you need for your numbers.

Resize the image if necessary. At this point, all you need is a paragraph in each Story non-threaded text frame containing at least a single blank space with that Paragraph Style. The image takes up the entire upper half of the document.

Resize the image if necessary