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This is also the place where the Koran says Mohammed ascended to heaven. As work progressed under the buildings of the present Old City, the tunnel was systematically reinforced with concrete supports. Some very nasty people obviously have a hidden agenda. These quarters form a rectangular grid, but they are not equal in size.

It is renowned for its beauty. Also, you can see above some of the gates, such as Zion Gate, outside the Armenian and Jewish quarters, a hole through which boiling liquids could be poured on attackers.

More mainstream Orthodox opinion forbids Jews from walking on the Temple Mount because of the possibility of unwittingly defiling the place where sacrifices were once offered. This is where it is said that all the souls of the dead congregate.

This is where the walk beginning at the Jaffa Gate ends. Throughout the centuries, Jews from throughout the world traveled to Palestine, and immediately headed for the Kotel ha-Ma'aravi the Western Wall to thank God.

After Israel recaptured the Old City in debate lasted for decades on whether the rebuild the Hurva or leave it in the destroyed state to memorialize the conflict. On the right, as you continue down David Street, you'll enter the Armenian Quarter. The Via Dolorosa begins in this section of the city and most of the Way of the Cross is actually in the Muslim rather than the Christian Quarter. As a result the Allied forces were pinned down on the beaches.

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The path along the ramparts in the Muslim Quarter is even more interesting. Agreement was finally reached in June to open another exit, but this has provoked a new dispute over who will have the key to the new door. Muslim tradition also holds that the rock tried to follow the Prophet, whose footprints are said to be on the rock. You'll notice scraps of paper in the Wall when you are standing up close. The tradition of following the Via Dolorosa dates to the Byzantine period.

Just beyond the columns is an underground mall with a number of Jewish stores and art galleries. Today, eight centuries later, the inch metal key is still safeguarded in the house of the Joudeh family. Just inside Jaffa Gate, on the left beyond the Tourist Information Office, is a small enclosure with two graves nearly hidden beneath the trees.

Making your way toward the Temple Mount from Damascus Gate, it is possible to look inside the courtyards of Muslim homes. The Armenian authorities, however, will not allow any excavations. The Gulbenkian Library is also inside the monastery. These threats are treated seriously by the Israeli authorities and the group is kept away from the Temple Mount. Oddly enough, only one Armenian church is in the Quarter, but four other denominations Syrian, Maronite Catholic, Greek Orthodox, and Anglican have churches in this part of the city.

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