Things then heated up this spring

Are maks and jennifer lopez dating

But the jet-setting lovebirds will have to wait until their work schedules clear up before they can continue their new romance. Lo was in a relationship with Smart at the time and Chmerkovskiy was still dating Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton, whom he split with three weeks later. Lopez is in Brazil to perform in Thursday's opening ceremonies for the World Cup. This is where it ends, pretty much. Advertisement But Maks tells Confidenti l that after news of his dalliance with Jennifer Lopez hit the press a month ago, things hit a new level.

And they all lived happily ever after. Lo's ex at Tuesday's Patron tequila fueled Maxim Hot shindig where he was flirting with women and partying with notorious playboy Wilmer Valderrama. Like so many of us, the twinkle-toed Ukrainian says he has learned a lot about love from Ryan Gosling. And so those two people are professional, they're amazing at what they do, and they're strong enough to be able to keep it to themselves.

Don't feel too bad for Smart yet. Lo has found comfort in the arms of another dancer.

Lo was in a relationshipBut the jetsetting lovebirds

Not even a week after announcing her split from boy toy Casper Smart, J. Smart has firmly denied one of those claims. Confidenti l sources confirm that Jennifer Lopez and Maksim Chmerkovskiy are an item. Things then heated up this spring. Lo had moved on with Chmerkovskiy after ending her relationship with Casper Smart, following claims by a series of transgender models about affairs with the choreographer.

Lo and Maks will be seen together more often now that Lopez is officially single. Maks and Lopez were then spotted together at Connecticut nightclub Shrine.