The two have remained good friends

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That is the time when everyone else packs up and leaves. The two portrayed brothers in the movie. You care about what happens to him. Once worked as a plumber's apprentice.

His stepfather is Canadian. He made his way to American serialized television in The Shield as Detective Kevin Hiatt, the newest member of the strike team. The role becomes real life and you care about what he does and says. He also had some serious acting chops. His talent is a huge selling point.

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As always, write-in votes are welcome. In fact, the messier the better. Malia has another son, Spike, from her second marriage.

For several episodes, he had only cameo appearances, which were explained as McGarrett being on a covert mission to North Korea. Aside from all of that, Alex is Australian and I have a serious soft spot for Aussies. Enjoys riding motorcycles, climbing rocks, music, and playing his guitar. He did a lot of his own stunt work in Moonlight and had some training in Kung fu and and Tai chi in order to prepare for his role. He is of Irish and Scottish descent.

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