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Believe Forever opens with fresh aromatic spices smelling like nutmeg and cardamom, layered with bergamot, black pepper, rose, and a nice patchouli. Faux, extra dry, peppery cedar and woody aromachemicals run through the base. They engulf the rose, fusing together within it with great speed. Once in a while, there is a quiet, elusive streak of syrupy jasmine. That did not impact this review.

Something in there gives me a profound headache whenever I smell my arm up close. Ajmal Violet Musc via Fragrantica. In addition, there is a slightly burnt plastic aroma that becomes more and more noticeable on my skin as time goes on. The latter is the strongest and most distinct part of the scent.

In the immortal words of Dr. The whole thing is cocooned in shower-fresh musk. There, this ghastly post is done and my months-long nightmare is finally at an end.

Santal Wood opens with big

Oddly, none of those unpleasantries appeared when I tested Hatkora Wood on paper, only when I did so on skin. Santal Wood opens with big handfuls of cardamom poured over syrupy, gooey, fruity roses. In the base, a dry, strongly synthetic oud pops its head up from time to time.

Al Janaan attar opens with soft, lightly powdered, quietly aldehydic and translucent florals laced with a gossamer thin veil of musky goldenness. None of it grabs my attention. For everyone else, there is not a gem or hidden treasure in sight. Other elements are noticeable as well.

Oddly none of those unpleasantries

Relentless attar opens with sharp, soapy, semi-sweetened lemon that reminds me of an intensified, concentrated dishwashing liquid. To me, it lacks any distinctive, creative, or luxurious additional component that would make it worth your time to seek out. Eventually, the scent turns into a one-note woody musk. Other changes are somewhat more pleasant in comparison. Perhaps if I were a hardcore rose lover my reaction would be different, but I doubt it.

The sillage was initially strong, but not nuclear or as big as I had expected. Ajmal M Series, trio of Muscs. Finishing things off is fruitchouli and an immensely fresh, clean musk that smells just like my Bounce laundry dryer sheets.