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The films then became mini parallel universes where the interviewees will relive that moment forever a synonym to heaven in a certain sense. But that sort of attention to detail is characteristic of all your films.

Distance and NobodyBut with a character

Even with a popular idol as his leading man, Koreeda was still the humanitarian storyteller who believed in the power of goodness and love. One important theme of the film is the difficulty of becoming an adult. Making that sort of film helps me grow as a filmmaker. The film is premiering in-competition at the Cannes Film Festival next month, and looks like it will get some big buzz at the festival. It was a bold parody of the Bushido code and a complete diversion from the samurai epics of Kurosawa Akira and Takeshi Kitano familiar to Western audience.

In fact, regardless of the increased budget of his subsequent films, Koreeda has always remained loyal to the spirit of the auteur theory. They were encouraged by the director to improvise on the script, combining personal experience from reality into the fictional narrative of the film. Then and now his answers to even often-asked questions are always thoughtful and considered. There usually seems to be a personal element in your films. This will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in competition this May.

This looks really wonderful, it has such a charming, heartwarming feel to it. Definitely worth a quick look. She told me I should be patient and keep working. But I thought about quitting, believing I could make a living scriptwriting.

Distance and Nobody Knows are both loosely based on real life events. But with a character like that, you run the risk of the audience starting to hate him. However, it would be unfair to dismiss the diversity in genre and the experimental style of filmmaking employed by Koreeda showcased in his extensive filmography.